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They’re beyond helpful, beyond nice.

They're beyond helpful, beyond nice. It isn't just an eye exam, "Can you read that line?". For example, there are friendly smiling faces greeting you when you walk in. Eye sight is personal & writing a review about personal experiences isn't easy. But after 13 years of great service & results I decided it was time, even if it helps one person. I first saw Dr. Christopher Eddy in 2004 because my Occupational Therapist & some friends were super quick & sure recommending him to me. Which is a great sign. I had a 50%/50% chance to correct my midline shift from a concussion. The way my brain was interpreting images was very damaged. He worked w/my occupational therapist & physical therapist. It has been years and years of hard work, & his demeanor has helped so very much through this process. Prism glasses were a huge challenge, but now after all this time I rarely have migraines, I've graduated from prism glasses, can read well & am "normal". Just an astigmatism. The prism glasses worked & corrected the way my brain, optic nerves, etc - work together. To help you out on deciding whether or not to try EyeCare Associates, it's not just patients like me reviewing these doctors. Since 2001 he has worked with local brain injury recovery programs assisting those who suffer from visual consequences of brain injury.Dr. Eddy was the winner of Colorado’s Young Optometrist of the Year in 2016 & was given a national award for his work with infant eye care through the InfantSEE program.Enough said.

- MM